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SpeakUp interview with our client Top Employers Institute


“The excellent customer focus on People Intouch’s side, plus the offerings that their service entails made our decision to partner up with People Intouch relatively easy.”

Meet Top Employers Institute

Top Employers Institute is the global authority on recognising excellence in people practices. We offer a well-established global certification programme that enables organisations to assess and improve the workplace environment. It becomes clearer and clearer that the people make the organisation, and that their sound state of mind is extremely important in getting where you want to go as an organisation. Topics as diversity and inclusion, talent acquisition, employer branding, sustainability, and people strategy are some of the relevant topics our certification programme covers. It is truly amazing to see the positive impact we have made over the years and around the globe, where we aim to always better the world of work.

I am Chris van Nooten, Legal Advisor at Top Employers Institute. Apart from being busy with contractual and compliance matters, I am as well a dedicated member of our internal Ethics Team. This Ethics Team aims to inspire and increase the level of ethical behaviour and continuously define and develop our organization’s identity. Top Employers Institute’s purpose is to better the world of work and we truly believe that we are playing an advanced role in this outside our organization, and through the Ethics Team inside our organization.

Why did you choose to partner up with People Intouch?

To follow up on the ethical behaviour in our organisation we started searching for a platform that needed to be globally available, reachable all hours of the day (time zone differences) and in every language, and that increases the credibility of how to handle such (delicate) cases with anonymity. People Intouch is a Dutch founded organisation, where the HQ is based in Amsterdam, like Top Employers Institute. The excellent customer focus on People Intouch’s side, plus the offerings that their service entails made our decision to partner up with People Intouch relatively easy.

What are the benefits of working with People Intouch?

As we are a globally operating organization, we work with different time zones and with many different languages, the main benefit for us is that the SpeakUp platform is available for any language and at any moment in the day. A huge advantage of the SpeakUp platform is that the submitted messages are all fully anonymized, which really helps our people to speak up and not have the fear of it to trace back to them.

What does SpeakUp® mean for your ethics & compliance program?

We ask our colleagues to use SpeakUp as a last resort as we believe that speaking up should first be followed up through a natural conversation, possibly with the person’s manager or the People Director. Should the situation not allow this to be right approach, then the SpeakUp tool is the place to report and share concerns. With that, SpeakUp gives our colleagues a platform to always speak up and to have this as part of our Ethics & Compliance Programme is extremely important as it secures a way to speak up no matter the situation you are in.

Would you make a report with SpeakUp® yourself?

I would use SpeakUp without a doubt as to me the anonymity element is so important and is guaranteed through SpeakUp. Also, the SpeakUp tool is offering reliable safety and security measures which makes it even more comfortable to use the SpeakUp tool.

Chris van Nooten

Legal Advisor

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