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SpeakUp interview with our client Oerlikon


“The system is easy to navigate and is accessible to stakeholders 24/7.”

Meet Oerlikon

Oerlikon is a leading global technology and engineering Group, Oerlikon operates its business in two Segments – Surface Solutions and Manmade Fibers – and has a global footprint of more than 10.500 employees at 175 locations in 37 countries. In 2018, Oerlikon generated CHF 2.6 billion in sales and invested around CHF 120 million in R&D. I am Alisia Grenville, Head of Group Compliance and Ethics.

Why did you choose to partner up with People Intouch?

People Intouch was chosen by my predecessor and the Management Team as the whistleblowing tool to be used throughout the Oerlikon Group for the reporting of any form of wrongdoing.

What are the benefits of working with People Intouch?

Oerlikon has worked without issue with People Intouch over the years. The system is easy to navigate and is accessible to stakeholders 24/7. Further, the monitoring aspect of the tool is ideally functional giving the client and the user information about the status of the complaint/ inquiry.

What does SpeakUp® mean for your ethics & compliance program?

SpeakUp is an integral part of Oerlikon’s Compliance and Ethics program and fulfils one of the detection mechanisms of our 3-Pillar Compliance and Governance framework.

Would you make a report with SpeakUp® yourself?

Oh, absolutely! However, thankfully, I do not need to!

Alisia Grenville

Head of Group Compliance and Ethics

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