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SpeakUp interview with our client GN store Nord


“The setup of People Intouch is flexible, yet more solid than I could have imagined”

Meet GN store Nord

GN store Nord is a publicly listed company headquartered North of Copenhagen in Denmark. GN aims to make life sound better and to make people hear, do and be more, using our state of the art products. We offer both market-leading medical grade hearing aids and world class intelligent solutions for communication and collaboration, in both consumer and professional markets. We operate all over the world and have subsidiaries in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Heine Husted Hansen, head of the Group Risk and Compliance team: “We are a small but talented team and manage the enterprise risk management and compliance challenges for our diverse group of employees, bridging between medical device regulated business and consumer electronics in one company”.

Why did you choose to partner up with People Intouch?

Having worked with a very large international player for many years both in my current role and previous roles, I wanted to find a third party to handle our speak-up line in a smooth, serious and responsible manner. With People Intouch, I found the perfect balance between service, support and an individualised setup.

What are the benefits of working with People Intouch?

I feel comfortable that People Intouch take this just as serious as we do and I have always found the company and its representatives to address my concerns with severity, taking necessary action with no delay. The setup of People Intouch is flexible, yet more solid than I could have imagined.

What does SpeakUp® mean for your ethics & compliance program?

It means I can concentrate on handling cases and on mitigating risks, because I know that People Intouch ensure a system that works and is compliant with legislation.

Would you make a report with SpeakUp® yourself?

In a heartbeat.


Heine Husted Hansen

Head of the Groups Risk and Compliance

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