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Unparalleled privacy and security standards

The nature of SpeakUp makes that the protection of the reporter’s identity and company data are our permissions to play. Meaningful assurances on our Privacy & Security System are indispensable for our clients.
Security & Data Protection Officer (CISSP/CIPP/E-certified)
ISO27001/ 27002/ 27701
ISAE3000 Type II

ISAE3000 Type II

Our Privacy & Security System is audited every quarter on the basis of ISAE3000 Type II. This means that tangible proof exists that we have fully integrated and effective procedures in place in our day-to-day operations. In other words, this level of assurance goes far beyond bi- or tri-annual ISO certifications.

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ISO Standards

Our Privacy & Security System is built according to internationally renowned standards. We are the only player in the market combining information security (ISO27001/ ISO27002) and privacy (ISO27701) standards.

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Privacy & Security measures within SpeakUp®

Best and safest human translations

Machine translation is a great tool, but human translations remain indispensable for dealing with sensitive topics and many languages. Unlike competing solutions, our translation process is an integral part of our Privacy & Security assurances.

Multi-factor authentication

SpeakUp allows your organisation to be fully in control over who get access to your system. Multi-factor authentication and Single Sign On are integrated in our solution.

Privacy regulations

SpeakUp enables you to be compliant in a complex field of privacy regulations, such as the GDPR, data retention guidelines and data localization requirements.


Encryption is crucial for protecting of the reporter’s identity and company data. SpeakUp uses the highest level of encryption for your data at rest and in motion.

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