Hoffman and People Intouch join forces and start a new partnership

Press release, 14 October 2021

Hoffmann, a specialist in fraud and integrity investigations, cyber security and security risk management, is launching an alliance with People Intouch. With this alliance, Hoffman is contracting the leading whistleblowers’ platform SpeakUp® to offer customers an additional way to create a safe and transparent corporate culture. As well as the additional service, Hoffman also wants to allow its customers to respond to the upcoming EU Whistleblowing Directive.

Too little attention is currently being paid in the Netherlands to the new legislation that will come into effect on 17 December 2021. The new EU whistleblowing directive will provide more protection for whistleblowers in Europe. All companies with over 250 employees must be compliant with the Directive by this time.

Through the alliance with Hoffmann, People Intouch brings in a renowned consultancy to offer customers the opportunity to share any reports made, in order to give advice or to launch an investigation.

Partnership Hoffmann - People Intouch
From left to right: Ruben Luteijn and Maurice Canisius of People Intouch, and Johan Klokman and Esther Kraan of Hoffmann

“It is important to have a simple system in place that allows you to easily detect signs of any alleged wrongdoing’, according to Maurice Canisius, Managing Director of People Intouch. ‘If the method to submit reports is diffuse and complex, the barriers will be higher and people will no longer want to file any reports. Keeping it simple is the key to a successful SpeakUp programme.”

“Receiving reports is a fantastic first stop towards a safer corporate culture. But what is the next step? Dealing with reports fully and correctly instils confidence in employees and shows that integrity is high on your priority list,’ comments Esther Kraan, Cyber Security and Security Risk Management Consultant. ‘Hoffmann provides support with examining reports and advises on the steps to be taken. In addition, we like to join in the deliberation process, based on our knowledge and expertise, on how any wrongdoing can be prevented in the future.”

About Hoffmann

A work environment in which you and your employees can trust each other and the organisation should be an undisputed employment condition. Unfortunately, the reality is sometimes different. Fraud, blackmail, theft, sexual harassment, bullying; no one wants any of these, but they do occur. In those cases, you can count on Hoffmann. Discrete, objective and experienced. We can call ourselves a specialist, having been investigating fraud and integrity violations for almost 60 years. Nevertheless, we would much rather minimise the risks that organisations run in the areas of fraud and integrity. Hoffmann has everything in house that is required to map out the trajectory to a safe corporate culture, and to achieve it. Read more on our website: www.hoffmann.nl.


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