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Partnership interview with ALM Translations

Please introduce your company and your role within the company.

Established in 2002, ALM Translations is an ISO 17100 certified professional translation agency. Having recently expanded its service offering to include digital marketing management, ALM now also supports the growth of its clients with international SEO, pay-per-click advertising and content marketing.

With a perfect mix of in-house linguists, fantastic Project Managers, great translators and a forward-thinking high-tech IT department, ALM offers its customers a unique service and cost savings without compromising on quality.

ALM Translations has recently been recognised as one of Northern Europe’s top 30 language service providers. We are very proud to be supporting PIT’s growth and looking forward to continuing and strengthening our longstanding relationship.

How does your service contribute to the SpeakUp® solution?

ALM provides a dedicated team of linguists and Project Managers for SpeakUp which enables us to ensure there is a consistent level of service and quality. ALM understands the very specific requirements of SpeakUp and therefore prides itself in ensuring swift translation services while maintaining the utmost data security. ALM proactively manages its large pool of resources to ensure full capacity at all times.

In addition to the translation for the SpeakUp® system, we also help People Intouch with the translations for their commercial website. Last year, we translated the website into 12 languages. This really served to highlight the value-add of our cooperation as we were able to leverage our existing knowledge of the People Intouch products and services to deliver a high-quality localised website. Every month we also translate the insights from the SpeakUp Community page further strengthening our partnership and knowledge of the People Intouch brand and services.

Due to the sensitive nature of People Intouch’s work, ALM accordingly adapted its onboarding processes to reflect the stringent security requirements needed for People Intouch content. ALM’s Project Managers are required to sign a data retention agreement and complete a bespoke awareness program, which includes training on the project requirements and the control framework agreement. In addition to these processes, ALM translators must comply with identity verification requirements and are all required to provide a valid form of photo ID.

Our security policies also extend to the systems our Project Managers use, for which proof of active anti-virus software and an up-to-date operating system must be submitted monthly.

The quality of our work is what has gained us a reputation for accuracy and reliability. To ensure these standards are met for every project, ALM’s Vendor Management team proactively recruits resources to ensure we have a minimum of 3 active translators for each of the 72 languages we provide.

Our dedicated teams of People Intouch translators have been tested and approved for all relevant disciplines including translation, transcription and recording. We also operate a policy of continuous improvement with monthly feedback checkpoints for our teams as we continue to invest in progression and development,

To be as responsive and agile as possible, we have embedded Jira within our workflow to track all issues, feedback, events and progress using a flagging and alert system based on the severity of the interaction. Any critical issues are immediately followed up with People Intouch, and both positive and negative feedback is logged and reported quarterly to give a transparent overview of quality and ongoing improvement strategies.

Working closely with our counterparts at People Intouch has been a key factor in assuring the success of our partnership. Daily touchpoints have enabled us to respond rapidly to their developing needs and has given its stakeholders the confidence that we are providing support where and when it’s needed.

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