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Newsflash The SpeakUp® Community | May 2022

Greetings from The SpeakUp Community

We hope you are doing well.

At People Intouch, we are happy to be back to our ‘normal’ office life in the Olympic Stadium. The highlight being our PIT Party last week, as you might have seen on our LinkedIn page.

Every week new organisations join The SpeakUp Community. We are happy to see more diversity among the organisations reaching out to us (size, sector, and country). We also see that organisations are more open to use SpeakUp® as an early warning mechanism for ‘toxic’ behaviours and cultures, besides the more traditional compliance breaches.

This newsflash is part of The SpeakUp Community. Here, we would like to share some of the most popular content with you. Enjoy! If you would like us to address a specific topic, please Speak up and let us know.

Kind regards,
The People Intouch team
SpeakUp® Success Model
Introduction of the SpeakUp® Success Model

Since 2004, we have been guiding organisations in developing an effective SpeakUp® Programme to encourage a direct dialogue about misconduct. Our SpeakUp® Success Model provides best practices in successfully embedding SpeakUp® within your organisation in a compact overview.

Click here to read more about the SpeakUp® Success Model.

Book & Film Recommendation
The Culture Map

What is your tradition when a colleague is celebrating a birthday? Do you bring them a cake or expect them to get their own?

The Culture Map by Erin Meyer can sure help you solve this, as well as many other cultural puzzles you might face while defining your policies.

Read more about The Culture Map.

More attention for #metoo matters
What to Say?

Last January, dozens of incidents of sexual harassment have been revealed, all from young and ambitious candidates of the television show The Voice of Holland.

With #metoo many bad secrets burst. It is still out there. How many of these women could have been saved from harm, humiliation and suffering if a witness (not victim or their family!) had had the initiative and courage to speak up?

Read more about #metoo

Our mission
To Connect & Protect People & Organisations.

Our vision
“Whistleblowing” belongs to the past, because we have set the standard in the dynamics of speaking up.

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