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Newsflash The SpeakUp® Community | July 2021

The SpeakUp Community

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This newsflash is part of the SpeakUp Community with the purpose of sharing and amplifying knowledge.

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Partner News
Protect whistleblowers in collaboration with EY

Key announcement, People Intouch and EY are collaborating their efforts in stressing the importance of a strong SpeakUp culture.

The reason for this collaboration is the upcoming EU Whistleblowing Directive. Read more about the service offering.

Top 7 pitfalls to avoid when implementing a SpeakUp program

On June 23, 2021 we teamed up with Dentons and organised a webinar in which we provided practical advice when implementing a SpeakUp program.

Our speakers, Diego Pol Longo, Christian Schefold, Michelle Lamb, Evita Slijper Sips & Ruben Luteijn, engaged in a conversation geared around helping you to avoid 7 common pitfalls.

Read a brief impression of the main topics discussed on our website.

How to be compliant with the EU Whisteblowing Directive

This blog provides more information on how to be compliant with the upcoming EU Whistleblowing Directive and its relation to SpeakUp®. Click here to read the blog.

Our mission
Innovate and inspire to activate silent voices.

Our vision
“Whistleblowing” belongs to the past, because we have set the standard in the dynamics of speaking up.

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