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Newsflash The SpeakUp® Community | December 2021

Whistleblowing Directive is a Fact

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Today is the day: The deadline of the transposition of the European Whistleblowing Directive into national law.

In this newsflash we will share with you three relevant posts on the Directive.

This newsflash is part of the SpeakUp Community with the purpose of sharing and amplifying knowledge.

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EU Whistleblowing Directive

If you are not ready yet, please read our blog about the EU Whistleblowing Directive.

Read more in this relevant blog.

EU Whistleblowing Directive
A Call for Ethical Leadership

Seize the moment, take a stand and do what is right for your employees: focus and invest in creating a solid SpeakUp Program and never (never!) underestimate the difficulty of speaking up.

Read more the full blog on our website.

One-Page SpeakUp Policy

On the day of the deadline of the transposition of the European Whistleblowing Directive, we wanted to focus also on something other than law. We figured it was time for a “One-Page SpeakUp Policy” as part of your fresh and positive communications towards your employees.

Read more about why you need a One-Page SpeakUp Policy.

Our mission
Innovate and inspire to activate silent voices.

Our vision
“Whistleblowing” belongs to the past, because we have set the standard in the dynamics of speaking up.

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