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Newsflash The SpeakUp® Community | August 2021

The SpeakUp Community
We hope you enjoyed the summer!

We surely did. Especially since Volvo, NS (Dutch Railways), Kia, Nationale Nederlanden, NTT, Yamaha and Posti, among others, decided to join us.

Hereby we provide you with a summary of must-reads. We hope you enjoy!

This newsflash is part of the SpeakUp Community with the purpose of sharing and amplifying knowledge.

For that reason, please SpeakUp if you would like a specific topic to be discussed.

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The People Intouch team

The Value of a Centralised SpeakUp Programme

How can you as organisation best accommodate your employees and external parties to raise a concern? Centralised or decentralised? How can you as an organization best accommodate your employees and external parties to raise a concern?

Triggered by recent legal developments, the concept of a centralised SpeakUp set-up is in the spotlight. A good reason for us as People Intouch to use our voice. Read more on this topic in our blog.

The SpeakUp Communication Checklist

Speaking up is not easy. If you want your people to speak up about misconduct, you need to build trust. Be transparent. People need to know when to speak up, how to speak up and what happens next.

Read more about the SpeakUp Communication Checklist.

Practical challenges when implementing the EU Whistleblowing Directive
The EU WhistleBlowing Directive is a hot topic of discussion right now. That makes sense, given that it is a new and wide-reaching piece of legislation that needs embedding in national laws and compliance from organisations. But what does it really change? And how should organisations handle these changes?
In this repost of the three-part series, written in collaboration with seasoned compliance professional  Ezekiel Ward from  North Star Compliance, we looked at the Directive from the perspective of multinational organisations. Click here to read the serie.

Our mission
Innovate and inspire to activate silent voices.

Our vision
“Whistleblowing” belongs to the past, because we have set the standard in the dynamics of speaking up.

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