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What exactly is required under the European Whistleblowing Directive?

The European Whistleblower Protection Directive was passed in December 2019 to provide and promote a safe and secure way for persons to speak up about misconduct in their work environment. All companies with more than 250 employees have until December 2021 to be compliant with the Directive.

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The Directive has many requirements

It is particularly important to keep in mind that:

  • Whistleblowers must be able to report anonymously
  • Reports must be processed and stored in a secure, GDPR compliant manner
  • Reporting systems must allow for acknowledgement of receipt and follow up of reports
  • Whistleblowers must have access to written and verbal reporting options

​To ensure that your company is compliant with the Directive, you can rely on SpeakUp by People Intouch, as we adhere to the highest information and data privacy assurances.

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