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Dentons and People Intouch collaborate on a new Whistleblowing Line offering for clients

Press Release, January 29, 2021

Global law firm Dentons has teamed up with People Intouch to deliver an all-inclusive service to help clients implement internal whistleblowing systems in compliance with relevant legislation.  The innovative offering will combine Dentons’ legal knowledge with People Intouch’s SpeakUp® web and phone communication platform to provide companies of all sizes with an integrated, comprehensive solution.

The EU Whistleblowing Directive took effect in December 2019, and EU member states have until December 2021 to implement the directive into national law.  Among other things, these laws require the implementation of whistleblowing systems that meet certain requirements.

“The time to act is now, particularly for companies operating in EU member states,” said partner Diego Pol, Co-head of the Europe Compliance group at Dentons. “Implementing an effective whistleblowing framework will not only help ensure compliance with EU and national legislation, but it will also support the ethical business culture within your company.  Furthermore, having a safe and robust way to report wrongdoing internally will help companies identify and address problems early on, and ultimately manage reputational risk.”

The SpeakUp® platform integrates web and telephone reporting in a single communication tool, which is both secure and reliable. For the reporter, starting a dialogue is as simple as leaving a voicemail or writing a text message in their native language. The platform provides coverage of 249 countries/regions and more than 75 languages.  People Intouch also offers a bespoke Case Management System (CMS) as an add-on to SpeakUp®, which provides additional reporting and case-handling functionalities for clients with more complex needs.

“It is important to have a simple method that enables you to easily detect signals of perceived wrongdoings, ‘’ said Maurice Canisius, Managing Director at People Intouch. ‘’If the means to speak up are diffuse and complex, the barriers preventing people to do so will be higher. Keeping it simple is a key element of a successful SpeakUp program.’’

The new Whistleblowing Line, powered by People Intouch, is part of Dentons’ wider whistleblowing suite of solutions, which provides clients with end-to-end legal advice, which includes developing and reviewing policies, carrying out internal investigations or audits, setting up and managing whistleblowing systems, and providing training for management and employees.


About Dentons

Dentons is the world’s largest law firm, connecting talent to the world’s challenges and opportunities in more than 75 countries. Dentons’ legal and business solutions benefit from deep roots in our communities and award-winning advancements in client service, including Nextlaw, Dentons’ innovation and strategic advisory services. Dentons’ polycentric and purpose-driven approach, commitment to inclusion and diversity, and world-class talent challenge the status quo to advance client and community interests in the New Dynamic.

About People Intouch

People Intouch revolutionized whistleblowing with the introduction of SpeakUp® in 2004. Today, People Intouch provides the easiest, most international and most trusted platform for misconduct reporting to organizations around the globe. Headquartered in Amsterdam, with a passionate team of 50 international professionals, People Intouch helps organizations by activating silent voices. People Intouch’s strong philosophy based on user friendliness that focusses on eliminating potential reporting barriers, is shared by hundreds of multinationals. Organizations such as BMW, Nestlé and Randstad have been relying on SpeakUp® for many years.

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