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Zeno Peereboom – Marketeer

Working @ People Intouch since January 2020


What fascinates you the most in your daily role?

What fascinates me most is that our industry is still relatively small, while almost every company could benefit from a SpeakUp® system every day.

What achievement are you most proud of?

The translation of the website was a great step last year. Because we are providing SpeakUp® globally, we also want to serve our audience as good as possible in multiple languages. This makes our mission, vision and SpeakUp software understandable for everyone.

How do you contribute to activating the silent voices?

With marketing, we try to generate awareness among our audience. It is of great importance that we are visible online. There are still so many companies without a reporting system like SpeakUp. So we need to reach our target group every day to give their colleagues an (anonymous) voice! Our work never stops until… Whistleblowing is a thing of the past because we have set the standard in the dynamics of speaking up.

Which of our core values attracts you the most and why?

Be fair. Honesty is the best policy and we at People Intouch strive every day to help companies have a safe and transparent SpeakUp culture.

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