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Sinan Erdal – Application Consultant

Working @ People Intouch since January 2020


What fascinates you the most in your daily role

What fascinates me most is the chance to learn something new each and every day. Another great aspect of my daily role is to constantly find solutions for issues faced by a variety of large, well-known companies.

What achievement are you most proud of?

Completing a client implementation, and solving their access model challenges fills me with immense pride each time.

How do you contribute to activating the silent voices?

By providing technical advise, client specific configuration and assistance we make sure that organizations are fully prepared to receive reports on misconduct.

Which of our core values attracts you the most and why?

Being passionate in work often results in also having fun. While being a partner has a huge positive impact when it comes to interacting with not just our clients, but with other Pitters too.

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