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Marianna Mathioulaki – Operations Consultant

Working @ People Intouch since January 2020


I am Marianna from Greece, a passionate teacher and a Senior Operations team member at People Intouch.

What fascinates you the most in your daily role

I love the fact that my role involves diverse tasks. However, I am fascinated by the fact that as part of the Operations team I am in charge of our main product, our SpeakUp platform, assuring the systems’ security, confidentiality and quality. In addition, I am excited by having daily interactions with clients, translations agencies and reporters!

What achievement are you most proud of?

I am proud of my contribution to strong relationships and partnerships. Every inquiry from clients, translation agencies or colleagues is unique for me. I treat all our partners with care and love!

How do you contribute to activating the silent voices?

First of all, being part of the PIT family is a great starting point in activating silent voices. Focusing on my role, I am contributing to People Intouch’s mission by assuring the confidentiality and quality of SpeakUp reports as well as supporting our clients by helping their employees use SpeakUp without hesitation. I am doing my best to assure an honest, anonymous and safe dialogue between our clients and their employees!

Which of our core values attracts you the most and why?

Be a partner! Supporting all our partners but also my colleagues as much as I can.

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