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Almost 20 years ago Rolf Thung founded People Intouch, as an off spring of his consultancy firm that focused on organisational culture. While expanding People Intouch, Rolf Thung soon surrounded himself with cultural anthropologists, economists, legal experts and criminologists. They all had one thing in common: they were intrigued with the ‘whistleblower dilemma’. What makes it so difficult to speak up? What could employees, organisations and society gain if more people would speak up? What can we do to bridge the gap between hidden information and information known by those who can affect change? It became a primary part of our mission to focus on both product and knowledge. Only with the right knowledge we can build the ultimate product and serve the organisation and the concerned loyal witness.

We made a clear commitment to always keep our eyes on the ball: never, never underestimate the magnitude of the complexity of speaking up.

This is still who we are today.

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