Speakup Are you receiving enough reports on #metoo, fraud or other integrity incidents? Facilitate a trusted and anonymous dialogue! SpeakUp® is the easy, safe and complete whistleblowing solution.

Necesito su ayuda. Mi jefe me discrimina. ¡Muchas gracias, es muy importante para mí! Enero 2019 Thanks! We will investigate. When did the incident occur?

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What role does SpeakUp® play during a pandemic?

What role does SpeakUp® play during a pandemic?

During the last couple of weeks, much has been said and written about the expected and known consequences for people…



What do you do when different laws and regulations point in opposite directions? How can you communicate policies effectively in a global organisation? How can you adequately manage serious misconduct? How do you move towards integrity management and corporate social responsibility?

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We want to be your partner in misconduct reporting. Our mission? To help organisations by connecting and protecting people.

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